Voice Implant

Piece for voice, live-electronics and visualisation (2021)

This piece was made in 2021 as part of the project IMAGINARY REAL. It was premiered on 09.10.2021 in Sprengel Museum Hannover. The visualisation is depicting the processes of the live-electronics, which were controlled in realtime, loosely following a score. The score is a structure for an improvisation between the singer and the live-electronics player.

foto foto Photos from the premiere, photographer: Javad Keshavarz

video excerpts

  • the beginning of the piece presents the basic principle of the live-electronics
  • next is some improvised back and forth between the singer and the electronics
  • another example of interaction between electronics and singer


Sopran: Sophia Körber

Komposition & live-electronics: Vincent Michalke

Videoaufnahme: Hassan Sheidaei

Tonaufnahme: Sasha Davidovic